Support, consultancy and technical assistance for the development and implementation of new technologies in the transport sector, particularly public transport.

The transport sector, particularly the public transport sector has a series of specific requirements that any company that develops, implements, operates or manages public transport systems needs to take into account both from a technical and operational point of view. The human resources at PALMA TOOLS boast wide-ranging experience and knowledge of the specific needs that this sector has with regards to the application of new technologies. Thanks to this Palma Tools has become a benchmark consultancy firm in:

  • State-of-the-art studies and analysis of the suitability of applying new technologies to transport and mobility.
  • Design of plans for the development and implementation of new technologies in Transport and Mobility.
  • Proposals for innovative technological projects.
  • Preparation of documentation to implement technological projects (specifications and assessment of offers)
  • Assistance in carrying out technological projects (documentation and testing…)
  • Assistance and support to apply for grants, both at national and European level.
  • Assistance and support with the activities involved in research projects.
  • Approval or certification of equipment and systems.
  • Control audits

Palma Tools is specialized to such a degree that often general technical consultancy firms turn to us for support in specific technological areas.
Currently Palm Tools is particularly involved in the following technological environments:

Contactless ticketing systems for access to public transport.

This requires specific activities such as:

  • Technical design of data structures.
  • Design of processes and flowcharts for each piece of equipment.
  • Development of test tools and test protocols.
  • Design and development of central card management systems.
  • Design and development of card safety management tools.

Contactless cards for users.

Application of the above know-how and activities to implement citizen cards, public bicycle cards, employee cards etc.

Application of mobile phone to users’ daily life.

The application of new technologies using mobile  phones, such as Near Field Communication (NFC) which will enable split-second transactions to be carried out with mobile phones, applied to all types of uses such as travelling on public transport, shopping, accessing tourist or cultural information, etc.

These are activities that involve cutting-edge knowledge of these technologies and our participation in European research projects such as the Smart Urban Spaces project, which has 28 partners from 4 European countries.

Optimization of transport operation using CAD tools.

This activity involves developing specific tools to optimize the design and operation of transport systems. Examples of this are:

  • Airport Platform Optimization Tool for AENA.
  • Tool for the automated design of railway catenaries for INECO (transport consultancy and engineering firm)

Innovative traveller information technologies.

Design and development of innovative projects that provide users with the best possible information on travel routes in transport systems. For example:

  • Development of SITE. A public transport route planner.
  • Support for the implementation of the route planner for Valencia’s public transport system, using Google Transit.
  • Advice on the implementation of Google Transit in San Sebastián.
  • Design and development of a route planner for public and private transport with the capacity to carry out calculations based on historic data, dynamic data relating to incidents, including bicycles, taxis and car-pooling. (MOBITRANS project with 8 partners from 5 autonomous communities).