Advanced Recommended Route application for the MOBITRANS project to encourage the sustainable use of city transport services

New technologies are essential to enable users to make the right choice when deciding on the best metropolitan transport route to be taken.

However, current information systems do not offer travellers alternatives that include a combination of public means of transport, nor do they provide other options that highlight certain occasions when it is recommendable to use one’s own car, share a car or use a combination of public and private transport by means of park-and-ride systems, etc. These limitations often cause travellers to question the use of current systems, which, in turn, can mean that they are underused.
The Mobitrans project studies solutions to develop a system based on information and communication technologies that are able to overcome these limitations.

The ultimate purpose of the project is to promote sustainable urban mobility and the use of public transport by researching into and developing new methods and information technologies for operative planning of city routes by travellers.

PALMA TOOLS participates in the project as an expert company specialised in technology and the development of mobility applications.

The project comprises 8 phases, half of which are already under way. Initially current mobility has been characterized and present planning methods are now under review. Work is also being carried out on the analysis of travellers’ requirements as users and the design of the system’s architecture. The next stage is to collate all of the data for an experimental development which will then be validated in the cities of Valencia, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

Proyect Data

Title: Innovative traveller information technologies to encourage sustainable urban mobility
Number of Partners: 8
Duration: January 2009 – December 2010
Budget: more than 2,25 million euros
Financed: Ministry of Science and  Innovation. National R+D+I Plan 2008-2011. Strategic Energy and Climate Change Action. Sub-programme for sustainable mobility and modal transport shift.