Technical assistance, implementation and development of management utilities for services Clubcard CERCANIAS Renfe (Renfe & You Card)

PALMA TOOLS has developed for Renfe, the contactless card “Renfe & Tu” which provides greater speed and ease in access and a recharging system.The new support offers a faster access to the stations. It also offers greater reliability and convenience for the traveler, being a rechargeable card to facilitate their replacement with a possible loss.The card “Renfe & Tu” allows a customized mode, which has the customer data printer in the card (name, photo, ID, Code Number) allowing to charge any transport ticket and replace the card if it is lost. It also includes data regarding special discounts, such as the Gold Card or the Large Family. On the other hand, the card “no customized” is used as a carrier for non-discounted tickets and it does not require any customization (one-way ticket, etc.).To implement the card, it was necessary to adapt all the Renfe’s softwares, from the charging machines to the inspection terminals.


Technical assistance for the implementation of the customer card for ‘AVANT’ services and development of management utilities

With the technical assistance and management utilities developed by PALMA TOOLS, trains offer through Avant “Tarjeta Plus” customizable pricing system, affordable and very versatile.

Tarjeta Plus allows you to configure up to 50 trips per month, although the payment of 44 trips is the most regular customer who travels daily. In this way, customers benefit from frequent price to be reduced as monthly trips are more frequent.

Users can purchase tickets in both stations or travel agents or via the Internet at Renfe website. In the self check-in machines located in stations, the user is able to print the purchased tickets via the Internet, make some changes, etc..


Web: Renfe