Consorcio de Transportes de Asturias

Design and implementation of the “Billete Único”

The Asturias Transport Consortium (CTA in spanish) is the entity responsible for the management of public transport in the Community of Asturias. It is responsible for the coordination of public transport titles.

The “Billete Único”, designed by Palma Tools and launched by CTA, is a contactless card which can be used to travel in any line of public passenger transport by road or rail.

There are currently three coordinated titles that can be loaded in the “Billete Único”:

1 – Bono 10 CTA, which a 10 trip title. The user is able to change the bus or train during a period, with the same trip.
2 – Abono CTA, which allows you an unlimited number of trips for a month, with a flat fee.
3 – Abono CTA, which allows you an unlimited number of trips for a month, with a flat fee and a lower cost as it is focused in the student community.

Palma Tools has provided technical assistance throughout the project, from design stages to implementation, being now fully operational.

Among the many activities undertaken are:

a) Design of the data card structure

  • Study of the previous Magnetic Stripe
  • Study data to be included in the card and fields designing.
  • Localization of fields.

b) Definition of processes and procedures associated with the use of the card

  • Check-in, charges, inspections, etc.

c) Study of safety and management of SAM modules

  • SAM modules functionality design.
  • Technical specifications for the suppliers

d) Design and test protocol development and execution.

e) Procedures and protocols for testing new products and services (online payment, integrating device for PDAs)

f) SAM modules testing

  • Design and development of applications for sprint SAM modules
  • Design and development of software for the RFID card generation by using SAM Modules

g) Technical assistance to suppliers

h) Testing and assistance in the implementation of new services and features.

  • SAM modules implementation phased
  • Implementation of web-based charging system with charge / recharge on poles at bus stops.
  • Integration of new devices.

Enlaces Informativos:

Website: Consorcio de Transportes de Asturias