The A>punT Project

The A>punt project is a comprehensive model of planning implementation for a contactless technology system. At the beginning It was applied in the public transport within the metropolitan area but with possibilities of extending it to other areas.

A>punt wasdeveloped by Palma Tools for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Valencia (eTM, whose name has changed, to the Agency for Mobility in the Metropolitan Area of, AVMM). It was also included in the list of ” 2005 best European projects in information and technology” published in October 2005 by the European Information and Technology Institute.

The concepts that make it unique compared to other implementations of contactless cards already known are:


  • Phased implementation, starting from the approval of all hardware, software, cards and user interfaces to ensure compatibility, reliability and consistency.


  • Multimodal: metro, tram, bus, metro bus, taxi, etc..
  • Multi Operator: EMT, Metro, private companies, taxi, etc..
  • Multivendor: lots of approved manufacturers and approval process
  • Multi-support, cards, watches, key chains, mobile phone, etc.
  • Multiservices: In addition to a transport system is also designed for applications where presence controls, tourism, fairs and conferences, retail payments, loyalty cards, etc.
  • Multilanguage: The system directs the user in the user language.


– This is the current system with the lowest times in the check-in process, thanks to the precise design of the data structure. This factor is critical to public transport.


The project includes the communication protocols, network operators and presents as the main functionality the card reconstruction capability.


The project can be deployed with little or no adaptation in other areas. In fact, it has already started in Alicante and Castellón, so we could speak about the whole Community of Valencia.


The mark A>punt includes a homogeneous image and symbolism, so attractive and graphics directly denotes a world of possibilities and advantages. Each machine or card that are part of the system include the A>punt logo. It is also unified the image of the validation points and recharge.

SIGA> PUNT Development and Support

Design and full implementation of the Data Management System (SIGA>punT) includes:

  • Communication protocols and network operators.
  • The capability to calculate the card fields values in case of incidence
  • Obtain information for planning purposes
  • Obtain information for purposes of compensation Management
  • Black and Grey Lists
  • User management to ensure proper and unique identification of passengers with personalized cards.

The operational capability of SIGA> punT allowed AVMM share its information with operators to improve the customer service.

SITE and support project recommendations: Google Transit

SITE planning tool calculates metropolitan public transport routes. Its data were included in Google Maps. It means 2300 stops and the integrated routes in the public transport, including the links between the EMT, Valencian Metro and Metrobus.

These networks have 170 million users.

Palma Tools has dealt with the development and implementation of information necessary for the launch of Google Transit, as well as the design, development and implementation of the SITE trips recommender, which allows to define the optimal route between stops, based on different criteria (less time, fewer stops, fewer transfers).

Data included in SITE are also used to get thermometers to indicate the routes of the lines and timing.

Support R & D projects

Palma Tools spent years working on projects to improve IT systems and urban mobility for the ETM, the Municipal Transport Company of Valencia (EMT) and Metro.

Website: Agencia Valenciana de la Movilidad Metropolitana